Leveque IP Law is experienced in providing due diligence review of IP assets in support of technology transfer, investment and growth decisions.  IP due diligence services provided include:

  • ·        Assessing the existence, validity and enforceability of the IP rights owned or licensed by a company, including whether required formalities have been complied with, and whether appropriate fees have been paid to keep the IP in force.

  • ·        Assessing whether the scope, geographical extent, and term of the IP rights is appropriate to protect and complement the business of the company.

  • ·        Assessing the chain of title (ownership) of the IP, and any possible encumbrances on it.

  • ·        Assessing the existence, potential for, and relevance of company know-how, and non-registered rights such as copyright.

  • ·        Performing freedom to operate analysis on key commercial products, processes or trademarks used by the company.

  • ·        Assessing contracts or contractual obligations involving IP rights to which the company is a party, and their impact on the business of the company.

  • ·        Investigating the existence or likelihood of IP-related litigation, and where it is present, understanding the risk.

  • ·        Assessing whether a company has an IP policy, and whether their IP seems well managed.

  • ·        Where required, making suggestions for corrective action, or further steps to be taken to mitigate any problems.

  • ·        Advising on the scope of IP warranties and indemnities sought on the back of any due diligence.

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   Due Diligence