Dr. Graham Eatwell

                                                            Registered U.S. Patent Agent




        Graham is a former Chief Technology Officer who oversaw the development of a portfolio of over 100 patents.  He additionally has experience in:

  • Identification and protection of ideas
  • Assessment and avoidance of competitor’s intellectual property
  • Strategic identification of important technology
  • Design-around expertise
  • Prior art searches
  • Patent application preparation in areas such as: Signal Processing, Electronics, Optics, Acoustics, Mechanics, Smartphones, Computer Hardware/Software and Communications.
  • Graham is the inventor of more than 25 patents


        Graham has held a variety of positions as a technology manager and consultant. He has expertise in the areas of:

  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Digital signal processing
  • Acoustics
  • Speech processing
  • Image processing
  • Real-time control
  • Adaptive Filtering
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Software

          BATH UNIVERSITY, England, B.Sc. Applied Mathematics, 1977; First Class Honors
          BATH UNIVERSITY, England, Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, 1981; Structural Acoustics
          Post-Doctoral Research, 1981-1983 (Acoustics and Optics):   BATH UNIVERSITY, England; STANFORD UNIVERSITY, USA